CodeDocument request: insertLine(string...)

Would it be possible to add an insertLine(string...) method to CodeDocument? Would something like this work?

void CodeDocument::insertLine (const int lineIndex, String text) const noexcept
    const CodeDocumentLine* const line = text;
    lines.insert(lineIndex, line);

Your code example wouldn't work (and isn't even legal C++!), but you can add a line easily enough anyway, e.g.

doc.insertText (CodeDocument::Position (doc, lineNum, 0), "new line\n")


Thanks Jules, the C++ police are constantly after me, the fact that I'm a musician seems to throw them of the scent!




I'm afraid that this is not working as fast as I would have hoped. Up until this point I simply populated a string array with my text file, and then iterated through that, inserting lines where needed. I would then use StringArray::joinToString() and update the contents of my CodeEditorComponent. The joinToString method started to slow down when the number of strings in the array got quite large. I thought inserting the code directly into the editor would be better but calling CodeDocument::insertText() around 30 times in quick succession also slows down my application. It just hangs for a few seconds until the routine has finished. Is this expected when inserting lots of lines into a document? If so, is there a better and quicker way?

Well inserting into the document isn't designed for speed - it involves maintaining an undo chain, updating listeners, etc etc.

I don't know exactly what you're doing, but joinIntoString is a pretty damned efficient function, so if that's not fast enough you might need to build your own special container that's optimised for your specific task.

Thanks Jules, that's good to know. I've no doubt that I'm over complicating things here!