Combo Boxes and VST/RTAS

Hi all:

I am using a ComboBox in my current plugin, to select different delay sync times. I know that when I used similar lists in AU, that they can be selected by integers, while in my GUI-less VST plugins, I mapped the different selections to a slider (range 0.0-1.0) and used if() statements to select the desired delay time and text to display in the slider.

So my question is: In Juce, should I map the output of the combo box to a 0-1 range, in order to be compatible with VST and RTAS automation? Or is there some feature of RTAS and VST that I am missing out on, that allows me to skip this step and use the combo box numbers directly?


Sean Costello

No, at the moment I’m afraid all the parameters are only in the 0-1 range, so you would need to do some remapping.

OK, that’s all I needed to know. I have my own internal wrapper class that maps VST to real-world parameters, so this should work for RTAS as well.