ComboBox dropdown X error

using JUCE 3.1.1 on linux

when ComboBox dropdown options are dismissed i see the following error in terminal:

ERROR: X returned BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) for operation X_ConfigureWindow

this occurs only if the dropdown options are dismissed by clicking elsewhere (not selecting an option) - the ESC key similarly dismisses the dropdown but does not produce ther error - this is reproducable 100% of the time

however there seems to be no ill effects of this

X_ConfigureWindow - Linux I presume? This topic would probably have been better put in the Linux sub-forum; you may get more attention there by JUCE/Linux users next time 'round.

In any case, if nobody bites, some debugging on your end could help figure out how to solve it, or if it's even solvable!

ty - re-parented to the linux forum