ComboBox : how to get the previously selected item index?


Sorry, I didn’t find a more specific group…

I want to do something fairly simple : given a classical ComboBox holding a bunch of
string items, let say that the currently selected items is the third one.

Now inside the comboBoxChanged listener when the user selects another one
(let say again that he /she chooses the fifth one), I’ve lost the information on
what was the previously selected one (so the third)… I’ve only the information about the
current one (the fifth if you follow well :slight_smile:

==> My question is how to keep track on both current and previous ?
IE : I can’t figure out how to work with the showPopup for instance…
But any other trick would make me happy…

Last but not least, I would prefer sub classing this class just for this purpose…
And yes there is quite a lot of combo’s on my screen ! Their items collection
are all the same and doesn’t change… Only playing with the enabled / disabled

Thanks in advance

Forget this one : I’ve finally subclassed ComboBox, it works like a charm :slight_smile: