Combobox Mouse Wheel Double Increments

I'd like to have mouse wheel support enabled for comboboxes, so I removed the #if in ComboBox::mouseWheelMove (By the way, I'd love to see a method added to enable the mouse wheel instead of using a #if).  Now it works, but the only problem is that for every click of the wheel the ComboBox increments by two.  I confirmed on both Mac and Windows, and I'm using the latest Juce code.  

Interestingly the problem does not occur if I hover over the up/down arrows of the combo box, and only occurs when hovering over the text label.  This is due to the text label having a mouse listener.  If I comment out the mouse listener then the scrollwheel increments properly, but then the popup box doesn't popup anymore.

Based on these threads, it looks like others have hit this problem.

Any ideas?