Combobox Mouse Wheel Support

I'd like to enable mouse wheel support for comboboxes, and I see in ComboBox::mouseWheelMove there is code to do that but it's ifdef-ed out.  When I add back in that code wheel support works but I always get double increments of the combobox item.  In the debugger I see ComboBox::mouseWheelMove being called twice.  In Component::internalMouseWheel I see mouseWheelMove being called from line 2585 and then again on line 2593.  

I confirmed the same behavior on Mac and Windows, and I'm using Juce 2.1.8.  I also found this thread from a little while ago describes similar behavior for the ListBox class.

I would like to see explicit support added for this feature, with the bugs worked out and a property to enable and disable.  But maybe my best option is to setup my own listener for the mouse wheel events.  Any advice will be appreciated. ?