ComboBox PopupMenus and Rendering Engines on Mac OS X

Hello Jules !

I have a little request. I'm developing right now an application to try various rendering engines options for Fonts and Graphics.

On Mac OS X, I have a combo box allowing me to choose between the Software Renderer and the CoreGraphics Renderer engines. When I choose the first one, which isn't the one by default, all the components displayed in the applicationĀ have their behaviour changed. However, the popup menus displayed by clicking on a ComboBox are still working with the default renderer (CoreGraphics).

Would it be possible to add an instruction in the PopupMenu::showWithOptionalCallback() function to give to the window component the renderer engine index of the main window ?

Thanks in advance !


I think this is probably something that should go in the look+feel so it can be applied to all windows, rather than being hacked into specific classes like the popup menu. I'd also like to make it easier to enable the GL renderer - this is all stuff that we're working on!

Yes you are right, it should be more a L+F thing.

I had a go into the LowLevelGraphics classes behaviour, and I have seen that you have worked a lot on this side recently. However, it's still a work in progress, the Direct2D engine not being useable for now, and all the OpenGL stuff working but by using this approach... However it looks very promising !

Anyway, I'm going to use that now, because I want a consistant look for Font Rendering on Mac OS X and Windows, so I will use the software renderer instead of Core Graphics on Mac OS X from now.

One question since I'm here : do you have an idea about when all this stuff will be developed ? I'm also really interested by the work you are doing on juce_freetype.

Thanks and good luck !

No timelines for this, I'm afraid! We may create a more public view of what we're working on later this year, but at the moment we're just doing sprints and not long-term plans.

Thanks for the info !