Comma in file names


Does anybod here know, why the JUCE functions File::createLegalPathName and File::createLegalFileName do remove the comma character from the name?
Are there any file systems that have a problem with that character?

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Thanks Rail!

I see, but is it really still necessary today to keep these restrictions of the old 8.3 filenames?
And why does JUCE allow + = [ and ] which were also not allowed in 8.3 filenames but removes the comma and semicolon?

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The intention of the method is to use it as a sanity-check for filenames that, for example, a user might type in, or a filename you want to generate based on a random string. So it’s deliberately a bit conservative.

Commas are an example of one of those things where avoiding them is unlikely to cause any actual real problems, but may save you from a subtle bug one day.

Thanks for clarifying!