Compatibilty problems between WinXP and Win98 SE


Everyone has every had problems with a Juce program compiled with Dev C++ into Win98, to make it work with WinXP ? My soft in the Projects Topics works fine on my computer and crashes on every WinXP computers…


I have found the two things which make my program crash with WinXP and not with Win98…

The first one, at startup, is this instruction :

[code]OwnedArray pathListFilesBloc;
OwnedArray tempArray;

f = tempFile.findChildFiles(tempArray,false,true,T("*.ggn"));

// It’s this instruction (inside a loop) :
pathListFilesBloc.add ( new File(*tempArray[i]) );[/code]

I have some problems with the class OwnedArray… How can I do this differently ? The only other way to do this is to use the “=” operator of the File class, but I have not found how to use it here, because of the OwnedArray…

The second bug is a thing I have found on the JUCE demo, and make my program to crash when I quit…

ApplicationMainWindow::~ApplicationMainWindow() { if (image != 0) delete image; if (imageFilter != 0) delete imageFilter; JUCEApplication::quit(); }

I have declared these images as public objects into the DialogWindow class, and I don’t know what are the objects I must delete before quitting the application. Someone can help me for this ? Else, that works fine if I delete these lines, but maybe it’s not really clean ?


For the big problem, it’s ok now, it’s just the ListBox can get the focus and one of its row be selected at startup with 98 but with XP, that doesn’t work…