Compile an image into the dll file


if I use the introducer and include an image, the introducer converts the image to a char-array and implements this into the Editor-Class.
Can I do this manually? I don´t use the introducer, but i want to compile the images into the dll file.
at the moment I load images like this:

File f(File::getSpecialLocation(File::userDesktopDirectory).getChildFile("foo.png"));
Image im = ImageFileFormat::loadFrom(f);

It works but it doesn´t compile the image into the dll file.

Thanks and greetz from Germany

Take a look at the binary builder in extras. Just run it at the command line and it should tell you how to use it.

Or just set up a dummy introjucer project whose only purpose is to generate the BinaryData cpp files, and use them in your project.