Compile Android Project with QtCreator

I am trying to build an application in QtCreator . I would like to import all the libraries of JUCE in Qt Creator . So i can work on midi implementation for android. I am a begineer at this . So any help would be appreciated .

I suspect that you want to do something that's not possible in the way you think it is. JUCE supports MIDI on Android, but it does not support Qt or QtCreator.

Why are you using QtCreator? Do you want to build your app with Qt? JUCE is a fully featured cross-platform application framework itself. Mixing two different such frameworks is usually a bad idea and is near impossible to get to work correctly.

Or do you just want to use QtCreator as your IDE? In that case, you have plenty of alternatives that will work seamlessly with JUCE: you can use Xcode (if you're on Mac), the newest Visual Studio (if you're on Windows), etc. If you want to work on an Android app, you are best off using Android Studio as your IDE, which is also supported by JUCE. In that case, I'd also suggest to avoid Windows and use Android Studio on a Mac or on Ubuntu Linux (Android Studio is somewhat flaky on Windows).

i have been told to work on it using QtCreator. I was able to import the libraries by using Introducer and copying the generated files.NOw i desire to play midi files on my android phone using QtCreator and JUCE . Is it possibe to do so?

I too am using Qt5 for cross platform development, and have ended up here on my search to use midi on Qt-Android.
It is a C/C++ platform, using android NDK and a java wrapper.
I suspect that ProJucer will not work with Qt framework, so I think the only way to access midi from Qt is to use jni (Qt::jni) to Android java midi.
Unless I am wrong, I can not find any method to access android midi any other way.
I am familiar with C/C++ and Qt, but java and JNI is totally alien to me.

Qt IDE for Android works much the same as Android Studio (uses the common sdk/ndk/jdk ).

Can anyone put me out of my misery, and point me in the right direction to get my cross platform Qt C++ apps to work with Android midi.

much Thanks for any replies :slight_smile: