Compiling Audio Units without Xcode, required resources in mac bundle?


When I step through the code that loads audio units, I noticed that JUCE attempts to suss out the type and subtype from compiled resources in the bundle. This is different from VSTs that appear to get that info from the Info.plist.

I also noticed that the Rez compiler that compiles the resources for the mac bundle is deprecated since Xcode 6.

Do I understand this correctly?

Are there any plans to update the deprecated compile steps for Audio Units?

It’s just easiest to use Xcode to compile audio units, as your customers are going to want their plugins to be code-signed anyway, and code-signing is suuuuuuper simple in Xcode. I’m not sure if that helps your end goal, but xcode isn’t as bad as everyone thinks.

@matkatmusic I don’t think @August_Black is making any judgement about Xcode itself, he is only pointing out that the Rez compiler is deprecated for quite some time (~2015) and it is only used when building Audio Units. The JUCE (and Projucer) code for Audio Units could be adapted to be more similar to the code for VST/VST3 plugins, which doesn’t rely on any resources compiled by Rez. That wouldn’t change anything wrt. using Xcode.

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