Compiling errors

Hi there,

I'm going crazy with the most simple and basic part of the process of creating plugins.
I have the VST3 SDK (I assume the VST2.4 is in there too), the RTAS SDK and the AAX SDK on Mac and on Windows.

I create a Introjucer project, set up a new audio plugin, select the VST, VST3, Audio Unit, RTAS and AAX format. I define the paths to the different SDKs. That's it.
Load the projects on Visual Studio and XCode and try to compile them but it doesn't work. It gives errors related to the SDKs and wrapper.
It only works with Audio Units but I haven't been able to compile in any other format.
What am I doing wrong?

Sorry if this topic has been discussed but I haven't found it on the forum.


I just realized that there is a guide on the "audio plugin demo" folder and a sticky post on this same sub-forum...