Compiling fails in Xcode

I’m new to JUCE, so maybe it’s just something stupid.
I’m working with MAX/MSP for a while and found out you can export gen~ patches to JUCE to use them to build VST, AU,…
GitHub - Cycling74/gen-plugin-export: Build audio applications and plugins with gen~ ← This is the method I used to do it. But if I try to compile everything in xCode it always fails. !
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I’ve never used gen~ in this way, but I can help you understand what is happening here.
You seem to have a few Xcode Schemes here: Shared Code, VST, AU, and Standalone. In this case, Shared Code needs to be compiled before VST, AU, and standalone. The first three errors you’re seeing are caused by the last error, so I’ll only explain that one.

The Shared Code error you’re seeing is the preprocessor complaining about not having found a file that you #include d in PluginProcessor.cpp. It essentially says that the path you provided for genlib.h is incorrect. Did you write #include <genlib.h>? If so, your compiler can’t find it in the default or user provided search directories. If you wrote #include "genlib.h" or something similar, it’s saying that the file in the quotes can’t be found as provided. If you’re using quotes, you need to provide a path relative to the current file, in this case “PluginProcessor.h”. If you’re using angle brackets, you need to add the path towards genlib.h to your header search paths. As it seems that you’re using the Projucer, you can do that from the settings menu under Header Search Paths.

This sort of error is pretty common. If you haven’t seen these sorts of errors before, you might consider learning C++ from the ground up with a textbook or guide which can help you debug these sorts of errors.


Thank you, this helped a lot. Got it working right now.

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