Compiling the Library

Hi everybody
I decided to start programming again. So I installed VCExpress and downloaded Juce. I also installed the Platform SDK for Win XP SP2 (I’m not shure if it’s the right one)

But I’ve already some Problems:
When I try to compile the Juce-Library (with the project in the build directory), I get 17482 warnings (no errors). Most of them are about wrong return type and some are about makro newdefinition.

If I try to complie the Jucedemo I get 1 error:
The file “user32.lib” could not be opened.

If I try to complie the Jucer I get 1 error and 2294 warnings.
The file “…\juce_debug.lib” could not be opened.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… did I install the wrong PSDK?
I’ll be thankfull for your help!


Just sounds like all your paths are screwed or something simple like that - were you following the instructions in juce/docs/Juce Readme.html ?

I controlled again the include- and library-paths. They should be OK.
I don’t know what else I’ve could donne wrong…

Thanks for the help!


I installed the latest PSDK now (Win Server 2003) and could compile the Juce-Library without errors!
Just the Demoapp and the Jucer didn’t compile properly. I suppose the errors have to do with the library-paths because I got only linker-errors.
I’ll try to figure it out after my holydays :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

Cheers LukeS

It’s working now!
After installing the latest PSDK and setting all parameters in VCE right it finally worked!
so I’m looking forward to code my own applications…

Thanks for the help!