Compiling VST2.4 slightly harder than imagined


I was getting some errors compiling VST2.4/32 alone. "Going to stop for a bit now". But.. After telling Juce to use the 2.4SDK, and re-exporting the file for CodeBlocks. I got a file not found error for: #include <public.sdk/source/vst2.x/audioeffectx.h>  

Basically resolved this by telling the compiler where it's at. Tho I was thinking this is not the way it should be done.



Trying to compile VST3 failed.. Due to missing files.


Also, x64 failed on the basis of uuidgetter not being a class template.

 #define JUCE_COMCLASS(name, guid) \
    struct name; \
    template<> struct UUIDGetter<name>   { static CLSID get() { return uuidFromString (guid); } }; \
    struct name



Yea, If you Goolge this bug there's a patch for it written by a member. jadjada. Not really fancy to go and retrieve this by now. But it's there.

Ah, Codeblocks..

Sorry, but I don't quite get what you mean about the problem or the patch? Is this something we need to add to the library? Can you point me at the link you're talking about?

Slightly off-topic, but wouldn't mingw makefiles be far easier to maintain than the CodeBlocks project generator? They are already very close to the Linux makefiles that the Introjucer generates. And it's quite easy to use them in CodeBlocks, and any number of other Windows IDEs.  

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Here it is.. I did not implement it yet But from what I can gather the syntax is obsolete because guid is already implemented by the newer version of mingw.

For now im happy cross scripting, so I kind of left it here. But ittd be cool if a fututre version of Juce is mingw64 proof.