ComponentDragger question

Hello all,

I’m implementing some sweet draggable components, like the one in the demo.

I like particullary their behaviour when you expose the windows on mac : they disappear as temporary windows…

I’d like to apply it on desktopped windows, is this possible ?
I trie addToDesktop (ComponentPeer::windowIsTemporary); dut it doenst work with document window.


Not sure I exactly understand… Are you asking how to make a DocumentWindow act like a temporary window?

yes i do

or in the symetric way of thinking, how to make a temporary window with a nati ve style, or some style, as the black temp window in mac os leopard.

Well you’d just use that windowIsTemporary flag. The DocumentWindow imposes its own set of flags though, it’s got a method that you need to override to use non-standard window flags.

Well great, Thank you.