Components aren't receiving mouseEnter events after 5.4.6 (VST3)

after updating from 5.4.5 to 5.4.6 Components aren’t receiving mouseEnter events anymore with VST3 builds. this happens at least in AudioPluginHost and Live 10. i’ve tracked the issue down to this check in FakeMouseMoveGenerator:

it seems that for VST3 builds peer->isFocused() returns true and therefore mouse events aren’t passed on. AU builds work just fine, for them the aforementioned isFocused() returns false.

any ideas what might be causing this?

Can you post some example code which reproduces the issue? I’ve just thrown together a simple test which changes the background colour of an AudioProcessorEditor when mouseEnter/Exit is called and the VST3 build seems to be working correctly in both the AudioPluginHost and Live 10.

OK, I was able to reproduce this and have pushed a fix in e4d1097. I think it’s worth doing another point release to get this fix on the master branch and into the website/autoupdater downloads. This will hopefully go out early next week.

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thanks for the super-quick response time @ed95!