ComponentWall / Strip

Handy layout components!

These let you quickly knock together a resizable arrangement of components without fannying around.

ComponentStrip lets you add components one by one, and they’re arranged in a sequence, stretched to fit.

To minimise the amount of calculation you need to do, the sizes are measured in ‘units’. The default size is 1 - if all the components have the same size, they’re distributed evenly across the strip. If you know that you want one to be twice the size of all the rest, you’d just set that one to 2. Make sense? It seems a little odd, but it makes for very quick arrangements and you don’t need to recalculate anything if you decide to add to it.

The strip can be horizontal or vertical, you can reverse the order of the components, and you can also specify the spacing and border gaps.

ComponentWall lets you do all that too, but also lets you stack strips. It does this by holding ComponentStrips in another ComponentStrip (orientated the other way). This means that you can set the height of the rows in the same way as the widths on a strip.

So, you can (for example) subclass ComponentWall instead of Component, and simply add components in the order you want them to be, with rough relative sizes.

This is just a bump because I just remembered about it!

I just had to do some boring layout crap and this really makes it ridiculously quick :slight_smile:

thanks Haydxn! I’ll test it on my next VST!


Could you please repost it ?
I don’t have it on my new machine and the link is broken.

Thanks in advance!


Hmm. the link to the zip no longer works ;(