Conflicts when pulling from github

Am I the only one having issues trying to "pull" the latest sources from github? I know there are permanent problems with it as desacribed in the Announcements regarding the V4 updates, but when I attempt to "pull HEAD" all I get is a long list of conflicts. From where do these conflicts come from?


Assuming you're not working on a fork, and don't have important local changes, you can either reclone juce or do the following in terminal/git bash:

git clean -dfx
git reset --hard
git pull -f

Ok, thanks for the tip. As a last resort I will have to.

Are you aware of the reason I get all these conflicts?

There's no way I could tell you the specifics. Git Bash or Terminal would tell you though.

You shouldn't pull HEAD, you should pull master.

If you have conflicts then it's probably because you've modified local files, but if you actually look at which files are conflicted, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what you did.

I did pull master... it got even weirder then! Lots of stuff just disapeared so I assumed I was confusing something. Tried HEAD. In fact I often pull HEAD and it works.

As for the conflicts, these were all unmodified by me. ALL files downloaded became conflicted; hundreds if them. It was about 2 weeks since I updated.

Anyway, I deleted it all and cloned it again. It was an odd and unexpected thing to happen.