Connecting a meta-parameter to multiple AudioProcessors


I’m trying to use the concept behind meta-parameters to my advantage. I have a system where custom parameters can be linked up to existing parameters, which are part of AudioProcessor units.

Anyways, my issue is that a Meta-parameter still needs to be linked to a processor, but in my system you should be able to link the parameter to two or more AudioProcessors if you chose to. Or perhaps have it not connected at all (aka pointless). But I can’t see how I can achieve this with a meta-AudioProcessorParameter. Does anyone have recommendations to work with this?

These different AudioProcessor units, although independent, are all part of an AudioProcessorGraph. Can I use this to my advantage?

I’ve done a few similar things, but instead of using a ‘meta’ parameter, I just used a regular parameter that’s reported to the host, and used my own class that inherited from Parameter::Listener to broadcast that change to other processors according to your product logic.