connectToPipe() connecting to nothing?

I’m trying to send JSON formatted MIDI data From a VST to an external app using a pipe. I have it working, but I’m running into some weird issues. Here is what I’m currently doing.


  1. I’ve subclassed InterprocessConnection, and added a function that calls connectToPipe() with the String “keyvaluepipe”. (eventually I’ll let the user set the string, but for right now this is quick, dirty, and easy.)
  2. I created an instance of this class in my PluginProcessor class, and then have a button in my PluginEditor call the pipeConnection() function

This is where the weirdness happens. Even if I don’t have the master namedPipe “keyvaluepipe” created in the other external app, my plugin will still return that the connection has been successfully made? This means that my code checks to see if it can send the data through the pipe, gets a yes, and then spits it out to… ?

Am I setting all this up incorrectly? If I just go ahead and create the master pipe before trying to connect, then everything works great. However this isn’t ideal as it relies on the order of external events between the two applications.

Any thoughts?

I’m currently working on OSX Lion, and testing as VSTs in Ableton sending the JSON files to the JUCE IPC demo.