Constructor For ShapeButton Without Colours

Could we get a constructor for ShapeButton which doesn’t require the colours and just needs the text? I’d like to be able to define the colours based on an enum within the class I’m working on and so putting all of the logic for this inside the initialiser list seems a bit unnecessary, especially when there is already a setColours function

To be honest, I’ve never used ShapeButton.

For our needs I’ve made our LookAndFeel class that implements my UI styling.
Then I’ve added NaveValueSet (aka Properties).
So my buttons and elements got default styling but with adding properties I can describe many different looks of common UI.

This also lets you keep the use of JUCE setColour/findColour.

If you like the advantages of ShapeButton you can inherent it and make your own Constructor that initialize the ShapeButton constructor to your desire…