Consultant/Freelancer - Real-Time Sound Processing

Hi, We are looking for a consultant/freelancer to develop a real-time visualization solution, splitting solo violin sound into harmonic/residual contents, to compute the features below for each part: Energy/loudness envelope (Fig. 4e), Harmonic amplitudes Fundamental frequency/pitch Energy in frequency bands: MFCCs, BART or others. (at least 20 bands). (Fig. 4c) Brightness, Spectral envelope, ZCR, spectral flux, HFC (high freq. content) Note segmentation (onsets and offsets) Spectral flux, onset Strength 12-dim chroma (Fig. 4d) 1-dim one-hot peaks (Fig. 4e) We understand that most of these are available as open-source solutions but we would need to develop a combined GUI version for our research. We would need to have a modular cross-platform module facilitating the integration of OSC data. Would this be possible? Kind regards, Roberto. Please feel free to contact us at

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