Contributing to Tracktion (doxygen) documentation

Hi, first all I’d like to thanks Dave, Roland and Jules for making and maintaining the tracktion engine, I have a project of creating my own GPL v3 DAW app (for now just for my education and few ideas I have on the topic).
Like many people on this forum, I immediately felt the need for more documentation, but instead of asking for it, I was wondering if you would be ok if I would regularly add automatic doxygen documentation in current code base ?

My plan would be to add simple, concise and hopefully helpful for more than myself doc as I go thru the toolkit and the examples.

Please let me know if it is worth for me doing so and propose regular small pull requests?

As an example of doxygen documentation i was the first in my team to create on doxygen, you can see some of my work (then brilliantly continued by other team members that added a lot of content since) here:

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That would be awesome!

Yes, the engine is such a huge codebase, which started off small and non-public, and went through so much growth and refactoring over the decades (literally decades!) that the task of adding documentation is now pretty daunting!

Generally we try to add at least some basic docs for any new classes that are added, but going back to the thousands of old ones and doing it retrospectively is a task where some extra help would be hugely appreciated!

Quite understable,
OK I’ll propose few modest pull-request after work hours from what I already analyzed (and logged a bug against) there.
Thanks for sharing this huge code base with us, the value there is incredible!

Just be aware the Tracktion Engine is dual licensed, GPL and commercial and you need to be ok with your contributions being used under both licenses. I think we need to get anybody that contributes to agree to a CLA, which we haven’t setup yet.

I am well aware about this, and fine with that license, I think it is clear already in the code headers.
I just want to give back for free, for what I use (maybe in future commercial developments too one day) and make it a win-win experience.