Convert to different application type

Hi, I started developing my GUI and for whatever reason decided to make it a GUI application, while it is destined to be a VST plugin eventually.
Before I get too deep in: Will it be possible to convert it to a plugin in the end (or now) without a big headache?
Thanks, Frederik

If you open the project in the Projucer and go to the project settings (gear icon up by the top left) there’s a “Project Type” drop down that lets you change what kind of application it is even after you’ve made it

After that the rest is just changing around the code… You should be able to convert your main component to an AudioProcessorEditor without too much trouble, then implement the AudioProcessor side of things

The plugin project type can generate a standalone app (as well as VST, AU, etc) so if you convert now, you can keep working with a standalone app. I’d advise switching now, so you don’t end up writing a bunch of code that is incompatible with the way plugins work.

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Neat! Then I’ll switch right now :smiley:
Thanks for your answers!