"Convert to path" function broken on Graphics tab?

I believe I found a bug in Introjucer. I built Introjucer from the latest GitHub sources and my problem appears to be unsolved as of yet and I don't think it's always been like this. This is about the Graphics Tab for GUI components.

Every time I hit "convert to a path" or "convert text to path" on a Rectangle/Rounded Rectangle/Text, the resulting path is offset by some seemingly random amount of pixels. If the gui component is set to the default "Resize component to fit workspace", then it's just a few pixels, but if it is set to "Keep component size fixed" (which I use a lot), then the path ends up just somewhere (usually outside the component area).

Combined with the fact that cursor keys do not pixel-shift things when using the Graphics tab, I find this quite an annoying problem and I end up doing high-precision mouse drag operations to move the result path back to its original position. I don't like that one bit, I would just like for the path to be exactly where the original object was.

This happens to be both on OSX and windows. Has anyone converted stuff to Paths without problems or found a fix?

I'll have a look at this and keep you posted...

I've proposed a fix for this bug and it's awaiting Jules' approval. Stay tuned...

This is now fixed in the latest tip