Converting a plugin to iOS app

I’m considering converting one of my plugins to an iOS app and thought I’d ask for any and all advice from anyone who’s done this successfully. To start, do I make an Audio Application and/or an AUv3?

I found the JUCE Summit talk by Adam Wilson back in 2015 and his code, but that was back in 2015 and doesn’t build anymore. He made a point of utilizing native controls for certain navigation functions but I don’t know if that’s still valid, or has JUCE progressed enough in mobile to where that’s not needed.

Again, any advice would be very helpful.

AudioPlugin and turn on the StandAlone option! That’s it! couldn’t be easier!

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That’s it?

I already have a Standalone for my plugin, but I guess I would add the iOS exporter, but then I’m thinking there would be viewport sizing issues that the normal plugin with a fixed size doesn’t have.

I’m also thinking that I’d probably want to change some of the UI to be more specific to iOS devices.

yeah, you’ll have to do all of that stuff.

It’s probably easiest to just make a new iOS specific project, and use a specific PluginEditor.h/cpp that is meant for your iOS GUI size. Keep all of the common stuff between your ios version and your actual plugin version in a common folder and just import the source accordingly.