Converting an "Program/Application" into a VST

Not sure how to explain this…

Im trying to put some source code that compiles as an W32 application in to a vst. Is this possible.

I’m not trying to literally put an exe in the vst, just its functions and calls.

Am I making sense here?

Depends a bit on what your application is doing, but in general it shouldn’t be a problem. You could easily make a VST painting application, a VST text editor, VST web browser etc…

well I do want the application to receive midi from the host, as it has a midi in function. But thats were it ends as far as vst goes.

Ive got the source code for the application, Ive compiled it in to a “dll”, “lib”, as well as a “exe”. Im just not sure as to what to do to get it into the vst framework.

Well, you should first check out the typical VST standard functions, such as


and so on.
Take a look at the juce demo plugin. It has almost everything you need.
For the midi input use the processBlock call. It handles audio and midi data.