Converting synth to use poly aftertouch?

Hi, I’ve decided my new synth should also include polyphonic aftertouch.
Do I use ‘MPESynthesiser’ instead of ‘Synthesiser’, or is there a MIDI 2.0 spec that I’m unaware of handled in Juce?
I don’t want to start converting, and then find out it was a waste of time.
Dave H.

since it is applied independently for each voice you have to override aftertouchChanged in your SynthesiserVoice class

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Thanks for the reply. So this will work if the DAW supports polytouch?
I don’t need a different class to support it?

It is a standard midi message that sends the note and the value, the synthesiser class processes it and sends the value to the voice that is playing that note. just override aftertouchChanged and use the value of pressure for whatever you want.

If the keyboard used only has channel pressure you will receive it in channelPressureChanged

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Excellent! I don’t need MPE. Thanks, that saves me a lot of time.