Convolution::LoadImpulseResponse is loading IRfile with a lot of gain more than the original file

Hello Community, I have the next issue: I am developing a IR loading plugin that loads the collection of IRs of a mucisian. To load the IR I use MemoryInputStream + AudioFormatManager to pass the IR on a buffer and then I load it through LoadImpulseResponse this way

Due is a mixer of 2 IR cabinets I am creating 2 buffer copies of the processBlock buffer and then I mix both sample by sample, here is how I process the audio before sample by sample mix

Unfortunately I detected that IRs are being loaded with a higher gain that the original files, with a lot of more dBs , here is a comparison (the higher is my plugin IR and the other one is the original file loaded with an IR loader plugin)

what I can do to fix this? even with Convolution::Normalise::yes this is happening. Also all the IR files and my tests are on 44.1kHz sample rate, there is no different sample rate at any point?

I noticed the same thing when using it for cabinets. I think it’s just inherently loud, so I just add a static gain to reduce the levels by a fixed amount.

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