Core Data with Projucer

Is there any way to use Core Data (Xcode iOS) with Projucer? I tried adding the .xcdatamodeld file in File Explorer, but it appears as regular file tree with XML inside. Xcode should represent these as Core Data models with graphical editor and such.

I’m investigating porting an existing Xcode app to Juce, but i’m afraid Projucer doesn’t support Xcode features at a level needed. The alternative to integrate Juce without Projucer appears a bit intimidating maintenance wise.

I can confirm this happens for me too. It looks like Projucer adds the “contents” file that’s inside the “xcdatamodeld” folder to the project, rather than the xcdatamodeld folder itself.

An interim solution would be to add this manually to the Xcode project after exporting with Projucer. You will have to do this every time you make significant changes to the Projucer configuration for the project.