coreMidi message

I suddenly get an error message when opening an audio device saying:

[i]"Required software extensions are missing.

Click on the “Ok” button, and you will be transferred to the Pace
web site where an installer can be downloaded."[/i]

Followed by a box saying (translated from Dutch):

“CoreMIDI has stopped while using the DirectIO plugin”

This also happens when opening the Audio Demo in Juce demo app.

I am running Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro.

Not sure how much this would help, but these are some of the threads available on net.
Hopefully it would help.

Sounds like some Pace driver is crapping out. Not a juce issue, I think.

Did you install the debug version of Pro Tools on your computer ?
If yes, then the core midi driver for your Digidesign hardware is a debug version too, and need the iLok dongle loaded with a Pro Tools Debug license to operate properly.

I have Protools, but I am not aware I installed the debug version.

Anyway, I removed PT, including the Midi drivers in /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/ and the problem is gone. It is a PT issue, I’ll contact them.