Crash in TreeView::ContentComponent when deleting TreeViewItems

I’m getting lots of crashes recently if I delete TreeViewItems whilst the mouse it over them.
I think either itemUnderMouse should be updated when the tree’s items change or maybe it should just be a SafePointer<ItemComponent>?

Thanks, I can reproduce the problem and have a potential fix. I’ll update here once it’s on develop.

Sorry to chase this up but I’m just wondering how soon a fix is likely to come?
I’d like to get a release out to the beta team before the weekend and this is a bit of a blocker as it causes lots of crashes.

If the fix will be more than a day or two that’s fine, I’ll just patch our fork with a SafePointer. Just didn’t want to do that and create a merge conflict if a fix is coming soon. Cheers.

I’ve just pushed the fix to develop, so it’ll be public shortly. I’ll probably also hotfix it to master after that.

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