Crash on exit (0xC000000D)

Having troubles again with my audio plugin. When the host quits, the program crashes on windows with the code 0xC000000D (Invalid parameter to service or function). I didn't really realize when it happened, because it only happens in release mode, and i develop in debug mode. It might have been there since i started with juce for all i know.

In the release, x64 build, it throws the exception here (crt0dat.c: line 628 - function doexit()):

Heres the rest of the stacktrace not shown in the picture:

     ntdll.dll!000000007749ad1f()    Unknown
     d3d10warp.dll!000007feedf0e792()    Unknown
     d3d10warp.dll!000007feedf0d104()    Unknown
     d3d10warp.dll!000007feede3e817()    Unknown
     d3d10warp.dll!000007feede3ea58()    Unknown
     dxgi.dll!000007fef65120e7()    Unknown
     d3d10_1core.dll!000007fef5b4c45a()    Unknown
     dxgi.dll!000007fef6511fef()    Unknown
     dxgi.dll!000007fef651221f()    Unknown
     dxgi.dll!000007fef6512068()    Unknown
     dxgi.dll!000007fef651201d()    Unknown
     dxgi.dll!000007fef6502aca()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe586b5()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe50a1e()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe50a85()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe4d3a8()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe29559()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe29d72()    Unknown
     d2d1.dll!000007feefe29e24()    Unknown
     z.dll!`juce::Direct2DFactories::getInstance'::`2'::`dynamic atexit destructor for 'instance''()    C++
>    z.dll!doexit(int code, int quick, int retcaller) Line 628    C
     z.dll!_CRT_INIT(void * hDllHandle, unsigned long dwReason, void * lpreserved) Line 169    C
     z.dll!__DllMainCRTStartup(void * hDllHandle, unsigned long dwReason, void * lpreserved) Line 399    C
     ntdll.dll!0000000077444371()    Unknown
     ntdll.dll!0000000077444180()    Unknown

Originally, the x64 build failed with 0xC000005 but that was because it ignored the original exception, followed by a stack overflow exception, then the invalid exception. Breaking on all exceptions lead me there.


In the release, x32 build, it throws the exception here (juce_win32_DirectWriteTypeface.cpp: line 106)

    d2dFactory = nullptr;  // (need to make sure these are released before deleting the DynamicLibrary objects)     
    directWriteFactory = nullptr; // <- crash
    systemFonts = nullptr;

Unfortunately, there's no meaningful stacktrace for x32 (just [external code] and this deconstructor). However, it seems to be clear that the exception happens on static storage destruction of some direct2d objects. I dont have any significant static data (besides some global boolean flags) that require destruction at exit to my knowledge.

Searching brought this up and it is exactly the same problem:

However, JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE is already not defined in my project (#defining it didn't help either :))

e: I found it and disabling it does remove the crash. Not sure whether it's a loss not to have DirectWrite enabled? 

e2: same problem here:

I'd appreciate any input..


The code that creates/destroys those objects is perfectly legit, but the destructor is being called as part of the runtime's static shutdown, so I'm guessing that there's an order-of-destruction problem - i.e. something else deep in the win32 libraries is being closed while the D2D stuff is still using it.

I've just refactored the code now so that instead of being a static object, the D2D stuff is created/destroyed according to its use. I don't know whether this will fix your exact issue, but I'd be interested to hear what happens..

Nice, I'll test it later.