Crashing in getOutlineForGlyph() when drawing text on PC

We’re seeing a crash in our VST3 versions of our plug-in on PC. (But not on Mac.)

We’re using Juce 7.0.5 Master branch.

I have no idea what the problem could actually be. Could we be missing the font we’re specifying using?

We still have our vst3 plugins set up as a single file on the PC, not a folder mimicking the Mac bundle. Could that cause our font to not load, which in turn overwhelms the glyph creation code somehow?

We’re seeing this both with text we draw manually, and with text drawn normally in our Label components. There is no consistency, but the more repaints we cause, the faster it happens. (It’s easiest to do by repeatedly resizing the window, which in our case only re-arranges the contents, and doesn’t re-scale everything in this window.)

Any other things to look for? It’s iterating over this code when “curve” is non-null, but apparently contains garbage at crash time:

               while ((const char*) curve < curveEnd)
                    if (curve->wType == TT_PRIM_LINE)
                        for (int i = 0; i < curve->cpfx; ++i)
                            glyphPath.lineTo (scaleX * curve->apfx[i].x.value,
                                              scaleY * curve->apfx[i].y.value);

Looks like out AAX plugins are randomly crashing, too! Don’t have a crash log or call stack for that (yet), but sounds suspiciously the same, randomly crashing, apparently while regenerating the UI. Anyone have any idea what might be happening? Why would the curve object be non-null but contain garbage at this point? We’re not doing any glyph allocation/deallocation ourselves. Seems to be an issue with the font handling, but how do I even tell?