createGraphicsContext method definition change question

On one of the most recent develop branch commits, a method of LookAndFeel has changed from:

virtual LowLevelGraphicsContext* createGraphicsContext (
    const Image& imageToRenderOn,
    const Point<int>& origin,
    const RectangleList<int>& initialClip);


virtual std::unique_ptr<LowLevelGraphicsContext> createGraphicsContext (
    const Image& imageToRenderOn, 
    Point<int> origin, 
    RectangleList<int> initialClip);

My question is about the initialClip parameter. I don’t understand why Juce dropped the const reference on that one. I think sometimes, it can be quite a large list of rectangles. I admit that most of the time it’ll be empty or very small, but if clipping gets complicated, isn’t it possible for this array to grow to quite a big size and thus be too big to get copied every time?

oh drat - sorry! That’s a silly mistake - I’ll revert it now!