createPluginWindow "replaces" PluginWindowConnection, how to use?

I’m just getting into Tracktion Engine and have bumped up against the change from PluginWindowConnection to createPluginWindow.

Are there any updated examples of usage?

Any guidance is most appreciated!

I’ll try and get an example together for this as soon as possible.

I’ve updated the Plugin demo to show how to create a plugin window and create a menu for selecting plugins.

Thank you very much! This is very helpful.

Please note, you may want to run the new PluginDemo through Visual Studio 2017 as there are a few issues I needed to fix before it would compile (a few unused parameters, and some float to int type narrowing).

Thank you you for posting this. It saves many hours of head scratching. And this is yet another example of the JUCE/TracktionEngine team excellent responsiveness.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I haven’t found a way to enable warnings as errors for PIP files so our CI isn’t catching warnings in the examples.

I’ve fixed the build script to catch warnings as errors now. I’ve fixed up the issues so it should be building clean now.

Very good. It compiles and runs in VS2017 now with only a “deprecated” warning for GenericAudioProcessorEditor.

Thank you!

A fix for that is coming shortly, if it hasn’t already appeared in the public repo.

One last thing,…the builtin plugins do not display any editor. How do we display an editor for those?

The UI for the built in plugins isn’t part of the engine. You will need to build something yourself.

Got it. That is consistent with the engine being distinct from the UI. Thank you.