Creating a MIDI file that's 4 bars in length with a single note at the start

Hi, does anyone have any tips on this? if I create a MIDI file with a single note at the beginning and drag it into a DAW then the DAW is creating a clip of 1 bar, as you’d expect. Is there anyway to tell it that it should actually be 4 bars long? I’ve tried using the end of track meta event but it doesn’t look like DAWs pay attention to this.

Is there anything else I can do to indicate the actual length of the MIDI sequence?


answered my own question - just added a note off event at the end of the clip

End of Track event of the track defines the track playback length:

Hi yes, but doesn’t seem like people take it into account (e.g. Live, Logic) - they use the position of the last note event to define the length. Unless it’s only used in a multi-track clip?