Creating a module that contains a .dylib

I'm trying to create a Python EMBED module for JUCE.

So I drag drop /dev/picxx into my project's root folder in Jucer.

It contains /dev/pycxx/pycxx in which is all the source code I've written.

Also it contains /dev/pycxx/lib which contains libpython3_41.dylib as well as a ./header/ which contains all of the stock Python C-API headers that come with Python.

Now if I launch my project in Xcode from Jucer, I just need to manually set: XCode project build settings -> { Other Linker Flags, Library Search Paths }

And it works.

Question is, how can I package this up neatly so that someone could just drag drop  and bingo, the new module appears in the project tree and just works out-of-the-box?

Is it possible to create a /dev/pycxx/juce_module_info manifest file that would allow me to drag drop /dev/picxx and avoid having to manually going to Xcode's project settings?

Or even better, somehow register it with Jucer so that the module can be imported the same way as the standard modules.

I think the only real problem is those Xcode path and library settings. What is the best way to negotiate this? Would "extending the manifest file format to allow extra paths and libs" be a potentially useful feature?