Creating a module

Hi Jules,
I’d like to create a module for juce, containing all the great things from the juced project.
Can you give me some hints?
I see that each module has a juce_module_info file containing all the necessary settings for the build.

What I did so far was to create a juce_module_info file with the settings and the juced.h /.cpp /.mm files with the necessary #includes.
Do you usually use a script for the includes?

I’ve been doing this for a month or so now and its a really great way to include 3rd party code. Jules seems to have thought of everything!

I haven’t actually used any custom flags yet but if you can put these in the juced.h header file prefixed with Config: they will show up in the Introjucer and get copied to your AppConfig.h file. Take a look at juce_audio_processors.h for an example:

[code]/** Config: JUCE_PLUGINHOST_VST
Enables the VST audio plugin hosting classes. This requires the Steinberg VST SDK to be
installed on your machine.

@see VSTPluginFormat, AudioPluginFormat, AudioPluginFormatManager, JUCE_PLUGINHOST_AU


I know the module concept probably isn’t completely finished yet but a quick rundown on the module_info settings would be helpful. I’ve got all the basics and it works fine but, for example, I’m not sure what the options for “version” are. Using matching seems to work but this will still compile even if they are not matching.

Now I’m in the middle of porting everything to the last revision (juced was stuck with an old version of juce), so if I encounter any problems I’ll report them here.