Creating an Intelligent Compresor

Hi, I’m about to create a vst on Juce, I’m checking this program and the tutorials but I have a question. Talking about the programming language, is it possible to use the artificial intelligence in C++, and using in this program?

What I want to do is an Intelligent compressor vst, that can response like an assistant by playing a part of a song. I want to a apply this for Mixing.

I speak spanish too and maybe it’ll be more easier for me for explain what I want to do in a spaniah forum. So if there’s an spanish formun or a discord chanel please tell me too.

I’ll be waiting for your help, thanks a lot

So you basically want to build something like our sonible smart:comp :wink:?

If so: Yes, this is doable with C++ and JUCE – there are no limits that the programing language emposes, but there are no ready to use building blocks for stuff like that in JUCE. Be prepared that whatever AI approach you are going to chose, you‘ll have to implement a lot on your own. With little C++ experience, this might be a challenging project. What‘s your programing background?