Creating MIDI effect VST for Live

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to create a VST for Live that acts like a Live MIDI plugin, i.e. an instrument can be placed after it?


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To the best of my knowledge, no.

You could try embedding the VST in a Max 4 Live Device. However, I didn’t have success opening the plugin editor of a plugin that is embedded in a Live Device from Ableton Live. Also, the plugin doesn’t seem to have access to the host transport state, which might be important for your MIDI processing.

Another option would be to implement your processing in a native Max/MSP external (instead of a VST) that can be embedded in a Max for Live device.

Thx - I thought not.

No. You can create MIDI FX VSTi plugin by defining a dummy audio output bus, and by defining MIDI input and output ports. But in Live you must then route the MIDI output of the plugin to another MIDI track in order to hear anything. Technically it is possible to define a VST plugin without any audio input or outputs and with MIDI ports only but no host to my knowledge supports this.

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thx for the info.