Creating the image from .RAW file


Hi jules
In juce 1.46 there is a method in the class ImageFileFormat::loadFrom , which uses both file and pointer to a data.
“This will use the findImageFormatForStream() method to locate a suitable codec” so this is only for png and jpg files.
Can u write a class where u can load from .raw files and convert that image to whatever codec we want like jpg , png , bmp…
It will be helpfull for who works on the raw image data rather than the converted image.
It would be better if u write loading methods for BMP , giff , tiff , PSD files…


Are you on Mac or PC ?

I’ve worked on juce image loader which use CoreImage so it’s osx only.

It should load RAW file format as CoreImage afaik open those.

Jules, you can feel free to use this code.
It allows to have the right color profile when using PNG.
Otherwise png displayed with OSX image viewer and displayed in Juce was not the same.


Check out either dcraw or LibRaw

dcraw is completely free, LibRaw is gpl 2


I requesting in general. So it will be useful for windows , mac and linux guys.