Ctrl-mousewheel and Ctrl-drag in Cubase 7.5

Feature Request:

When I place the cursor over a control, hold shift and then move the mousewheel up and down I expect the control value to increase/decrease by a finer degree than when dragging the knob/slider in the ordinary way or simply using the mousewheel without holding shift. Ordinary drag might change value by 2 (an arbitrary number just to have something to create a ratio against), shift-mousewheel by 0.2, and shift-drag by 0.1 for instance.


Feature Change Request:

What is normally shift-drag in plugins is ctrl-drag by default in JUCE. This isn't a huge issue, but works against muscle memory.



Something with the ctrl-drag implementation in Cubase is way off. I hold ctrl, start dragging and am halfway across the mouse pad before anything starts happening. The changes are then too slow for a moment and then suddenly too fast, and by this point the mouse is a foot off the mouse pad. It seems strange that this control is not linear. The easy fix for this would probably just be to make it linear. If it is to remain exponential/logarithmic then it's need adjustment. Perhaps it's just a decimal point off in the algorithm that is making the curve so crazy.

Edit: Still trying to figure out what exactly is going on with ctrl-drag. Perhaps it isn't exponential/logarithmic but rather somehow tied to how fast you are moving the cursor. Whatever it is I've never been able to get it to work properly.



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When you say "control", presumably you're talking about the Slider class in general, and it's nothing specific to cubase or plugins?

I use "control" to refer to both sliders and knobs.


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+1 for the first feature request.

Ctrl drag increasing the precision of value changes (as well as sensitivity which seems to be current behaviour) would be really handy.