Cubase 10 HiDPI, Windows and OpenGL



Nvidia here as well: Nvidia GTX 960


In this other thread (Scaling issues on Windows), @FlyingIsFun1217 found out that the version of Windows 10 can make a difference:

So it would appear that this isn’t the fault of Juce, but rather of something in the way the old Windows builds handle scaling.

Maybe that could explain why @ed95 cannot reproduce @Clarke’s issue.


Thanks @McMartin, though I’m using Windows 10.0.17134, the same build as @ed95 said he was running above.


OK, shot in the dark but from reading this SO thread it might be due to the way that different drivers expect the glViewport to be set up.

Can you try replacing line 284 of juce_OpenGLContext.cpp with the following:

auto newScale = 1.0;

and see if that helps at all?


That ends up with this:

If you look carefully, the text (what you can see of it) appears to have scaling artifacts - as if it has been scaled down from a larger image.