Cubase 7.5 dynamic_cast error

Cubase is giving me the following error:

25.03.16 22:02:13,003 Cubase 7.5[38187]: dynamic_cast error 2: One or more of the following type_info's  has hidden visibility.  They should all have public visibility.   N4juce9ComponentE, N12AudioProject23AudioProcessorEditorTestE, N4juce20AudioProcessorEditorE.

I tried to deal with this according to this page...

by adding "__attribute__((visibility("default")))" to the class AudioProcessorEditorTest but that does not seem to resolve the issue.


Has anyone encountered this as well? I am using JUCE 7.0.2.


Thanks in advance

Okay I already found it. Either JUCE_DLL_BUILD or JUCE_DLL needs to be defined.

Hey there,

Could you elaborate on how you resolved this a little further?

I’m getting this error myself, but I’m new to JUCE and my Xcode/C++ knowledge base is relatively limited.