Cubase 8 crash on Mavericks and Mountain Lion

Hi All-

Has anyone else experienced an issue with Cubase 8 crashing on startup, when it attempts to scan your plug-in? Cubase launches, begins its initialization process, and then freezes on the name of our plug-in while scanning, and then crashes. The issue only seems to happen on OSX Mountain Lion and Mavericks - Cubase scans them fine on OSX Yosemite and on Windows as well. The plug-in also seems to launch fine in other DAWs on Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Not sure if this is something on our end or an issue with Cubase...




Haven't you tried debugging it? You should be able to just attach to the process and see exactly where it's crashing/blocking in your code. 

Right, I figured I would just see if this was an issue anyone else had experienced. After hooking Cubase up to the debugger it seems to have been the same issue as outlined here:

I was able to fix by switching "Implicitly Link Objective-C Runtime Support" to "NO", in case anyone else runs into the same problem.