Cubase 9 blacklists plugins

Cubase 9’s new Plugin Manager called Sentinel blacklists plugins if you’re using an old version of OS X (before macOS Sierra), if some conditions are given:

The Deployment Target of the plug-in is < 10.8 and “Implicitly Link Objective-C runtime Library” is set in XCode’s Project settings.

More on that:

For example our plugins are blacklisted, with OS X Base SDK Version set to 10.7 and OS X Deployment target set to 10.7 in Projucer.

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Thanks for the info!
I go right in the assumption that this value has the default value “no”?

When saved with Projucer, XCode’s “Implicitly Link Objective-C runtime Library/Support” has the value “yes”. So to my understanding, all plugins that are saved with Projucer and Deployment Target < 10.8 will be blacklisted in Cubase 9’s Plugin Manager.

just checked this, created a blank plugin project in Projucer with Deployment Target 10.7
Implicitly Link Objective-C runtime Support is “No”

in the projucer exporter there is an explicit s.add (“CLANG_LINK_OBJC_RUNTIME = NO”);
which is i think the same setting?

Thanks a ton for testing this! Did you test this on latest master or on develop? I must admit I am version behind on master (Juce 4.2.4).

I checked the latest develop from a few weeks ago, but also a Juce 4.0 Introjucer. Both export with CLANG_LINK_OBJC_RUNTIME = NO

But it looks like this setting was once introduced, did you never resaved your project?

from git log

commit 1bfddbbeffd8b7129b28a834ac19dd70678785ae	refs/tags/2.0.33
Author: jules <>
Date:   Fri Feb 22 11:51:01 2013 +0000

    Introjucer: added CLANG_LINK_OBJC_RUNTIME = NO flag to Xcode builds.

With a fresh built of Projucer made with the develop tip, I confirm that if I just create a new plugin project, export and open in xcode 8.0, I have CLANG_LINK_OBJC_RUNTIME to YES, as Jakob.

I can’t reproduce this with 4.3.0 or the latest develop Projucer…

my bad! I was looking at the project settings, not at the targets ones

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Actually you’ve been right - “Implicitly Link Objective-C runtime Library” is set to off when saved with Projucer. I was also misled by looking at XCode’s project settings, instead of at the target settings.

The reason that our plugins are blacklisted with Cubase 9 on OS X versions < 10.12 has been another issue: MidiInput::getDevices breaks Cubase 9