cURL class

a small class that wraps CURL to fetch network data, with the ability to stop the transfer, have a callback for writing data, and having some sort of progress indication, also anything else that CURL supports (like proxy, and http tunneling) can be set.

it’s very simple for now, i’m just using it for my audio player to play remote streams (work in progress), and i had to have some control over the network. this opens up a nice possibility ti implement other protocols, and the whole SOCKET layer with support for proxying and tunneling. (source and VS2008 project) (release EXE demo, just type some URL and press fetch)

curl is embedded in the projest no SSL support you need to get that inside yourself, LIBZ will be supported if zlib.h is somewhere in your include path (useful for getting mod_gzipped and mod_deflated urls).

it works just like anything in juce, you just need to have a cURLListener and set some options.

I used cUrl to create a dll which allows for downloading and also uploading files and the best part of it all is it’s freely available.

I didn’t use juce, in the dll it was plain c++ dll with virtual methods for call backs.

Curl is really powerful.